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It Takes A Village

How nice it was to open my Sunday bulletin and see the support that St. Monica's, my church in Santa Monica gave to me and my mission! To Have And Not To Hold is for sale in their coffee shop, Holy Grounds, which is a synergetic enterprise that helps both the parish and at risk youth in our area. I wasn't expecting to see this terrific announcement spreading the news, and it made me think how great a concept this was- by helping my project, which will hopefully help many people in the adoption world (as well as provide others with an entertaining read), I can help Holy Grounds with their worthwhile causes.

This kind of "you help me and I'll help you" bartering is basic and productive, but it's especially gratifying when everyone is doing it just to do the right thing and accomplish good. A wonderful friend, who also threw me the best book launch party ever, did that very thing by recently introducing me to a woman who is on the brink of adopting a baby. Turns out this woman was very nervous about an open adoption until she picked up To Have And Not To Hold in her local bookstore. She says it changed her life and her mind, and she is now waiting for the imminent arrival of her new son. This woman will now describe these events, including being in the delivery room for the baby's birth, in the forward of the second book in my adoption series, tentatively titled 50 Ways To Love Your Child. It's amazing how things work out when a village pitches in to help, whether it's raising a baby or awareness!

Still looking for a few more stories for book two . . . please email me at if you are from an adoption triad and have advice, suggestions, or words of wisdom for adoptees, adoptive parents or potential birthparents.

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