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Spring Is Springing

Suddenly it’s that time of year again and it’s catching me by surprise. Last spring was the time when the world shut down. All gears ground to a halt as we looked around and tried to imagine a world where we didn’t leave our homes. Or if we had to leave our homes, we tried to figure out how to stay safe and not die from this strange and unknown enemy.

Slowly, we began making our way; sticking our toes into the pool of uncertainty and taking two steps in and one back out. Those of us lucky enough to not get sick watched in horror and compassion as others did. And we started to adapt. Some of us actually enjoyed the slow pace, the return to the home, and the baking, cleaning out long-neglected drawers and closets, and trying new things like painting or learning to play an instrument or make home-made pasta. We gave ourselves permission to binge-watch hours of television, and traded recommendations for the best shows and movies.

We figured out how to work from home, and even how to home-school kids WHILE working from home. We figured out how to support our local businesses and restaurants while not physically frequenting them. People adapted. Mask-making businesses sprang up, and plexiglass companies made a fortune with germ-stopping barriers which appeared everywhere, from nail salons to grocery cash registers. It was quite remarkable to witness the American ingenuity at work, figuring out how to keep going while an invisible virus tried its best to shut us down. And while many, many suffered and struggled, there were also many who facilitated help where it was needed.

We got impatient, and we got judgmental about the way different people handled the crisis. Somehow, wearing a mask became a political statement. Time dragged on, month after month, with progress seemingly made, only to watch the sick and death graphs go shooting up again. How long could we stay home? How long could we keep kids from going to school? How long . . .

And now, suddenly, a year has passed and it’s spring again. The flowers are popping, the colors are beautiful, and the weather is changing. AND there’s hope on the horizon. Every day, we get positive vaccination news. There’s still a threat, but we’re hopeful. Maybe we will return to pre-Covid life, little by little. My hubby and I went out for our first “date” night in a long time. Outside dining to be sure, but dining out, just for the fun of it. Even vaccinated, we’re still careful, but we’re getting a peek at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s all do this right, and make it to the light. We’re almost there. And as this new spring is springing, let’s also remember all the good lessons we learned- the value of family and the good friends in our bubbles. The joy in the simple things and the fun we can have in our own homes and gardens. Helping and caring for those who needed it. Let’s come out of this thing stronger, better, and enlightened to what’s really important.


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