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Lorri Antosz Benson (Santa Monica, CA) is a former talk-show producer, syndicated columnist, author, family advocate, and a speaker and expert on eating disorders and resources for parents. Lorri is an active participant in the National Eating Disorder Association, serving on the Parent, Friends and Family Network Steering committee and as a contributor for their newsletter and webcasts. Click here to learn more about Lorri.

Taryn and Lorri Benson

The Benson Family, 2007

Taryn, Lorri, Steve, Taylor and Halli Benson

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Taryn Leigh Benson (Ft. Myers, FL) is a family practice nurse practitioner in Ft. Myers.  She was in her first year of college when she began active recovery from an eating disorder. She was profiled in a Q & A documentary, which is used as part of the psychology curriculum at the University of Florida. Click here to learn more about Taryn.

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