Other Projects

In addition to writing books, blogs, for newspapers, magazines and television, Lorri Antosz Benson has an extensive producing background.  Aside from her fifteen years with the nationally syndicated talk show DONAHUE, with eight years as Senior Producer, Benson served as executive producer for Golden LIfestyles, a local talk show in Southwest Florida. She also worked as a freelance producer on projects including international talk shows, and a PSA series for PBS.


While currently focusing efforts on writing and the adoption book series, Benson has several irons in the fire for the web and television, including a Christmas movie screenplay and a novel.  They will be featured on this page when and if they come to fruition! 

Meanwhile, Benson is hard at work on the release of Book Three in the adoption series, coming out in Fall 2021  The working title is Adopted People Who Changed the World an it is a children's book.

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