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About the Book

To Have And Not To Hold is a raw and honest account of Benson's struggle to make a decision to place her newborn daughter for a closed adoption, and the aftermath of that decision.  To read more about the book and/or view the press release, please click the heart.


"Owww!" I woke up with a start, sitting straight up on the thin mattress of my pull-out sofa bed. "What in the world was that?" In a fog, I looked over at the LED digits on the alarm clock. One o'clock a.m. I tried to remember what it was that woke me up, and what day it was. As my head started to clear, another sharp pain took my breath away. For More, please click the heart.

For the Media

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"To Have And Not To Hold" is available at most bookstores, and online book stores and outlets. For bulk purchases, please contact Ashley Mireles at Familius Publishing, at  To purchase from, please click the heart.

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