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 Back Cover Summary

To Have and Not to Hold is not just another memoir.  Like many adoption accounts, this is a story of love, sacrifice, sorrow, hope and joy.  But this book goes beyond that- deep to the heart of what goes on in a young, unexpected mother-to-be’s mind when adoption surfaces as the best road to take. When Lorri Antosz Benson, a 24 year-old successful television producer for the groundbreaking national show DONAHUE, finds herself in an impossible situation, she digs deep and faces the heartbreaking reality that the best choice for her beloved new baby is to be raised by someone else. 


To Have and Not to Hold  is the poignant account of Lorri’s momentous decision to surrender her daughter for adoption, the resulting heartache, and later, the unexpected joy of reconnecting with her daughter and her daughter’s adoptive family. With agonizing yet heartwarming honesty, Lorri offers a profound look at a deep connection of two mothers that is born with the cry of a newborn daughter.  What begins as a fragile, tenuous link develops into something dreams and miracles are made of- relationships that go to the soul, are meant to be, and are devoid of fear and possessiveness.  To Have and Not to Hold holds much inspiration for any adoptee, birth or adoptive parent.  But it’s a story that anyone will find impossible to put down. 

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