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The Book Launch is Finally Here!

This Saturday, November 17, 2018, is a day I've been looking forward to for a long time! We are finally OFFICIALLY launching Adopting Hope! About six months ago, I made the decision to turn my book launch into a fundraiser for the amazing organization, Harvest Home, whose board I joined in April. Harvest Home transforms the lives of pregnant homeless women in Los Angeles, and has big plans to obtain a second property, and develop a model for other communities. I love their mission, so decided to try to raise money for them while launching Adopting Hope.

Honestly, I took on more than I could handle, trying to single-handedly put on a full-on fundraiser and book launch. What was I thinking? But it worked out! Kate Farrell of Familius and Sarah Wilson from Harvest Home, came to my rescue, along with moral support and general assistance from my family and friends, and and come Saturday, we launch!!

We have had some incredible donations of time and money and I'd love to thank all the donors here. I also want to thank my tremendous friends and family who have supported Adopting Hope with book purchases, reviews and spreading the word by social media and word of mouth! Thanks to my daughter Taylor for her time spent on many, many tasks and to Mariellen for all her help and encouragement.

It will be an entertaining and exciting event at Zefr Headquarters, 4101 Redwood Ave. in Marina del Rey. Thanks to Zach James for generously donating this amazing venue!! We will have the best food in LA, made possible by a magnanimous donation by The Kitchen For Exploring Foods. We will have a wonderful reading of an Adopting Hope excerpt by the fantastic Peter Bergman from CBS's The Young And The Restless, as well as Adopting Hope contributor Mary Beth McAdaragh. And our guests will have the chance to win some awesome prizes, courtesy of the following generous sponsors!

A big thank you to Intelligensia Coffee, Happy Socks, Alternative Apparel, Pedego Electric Bikes, Wabi Sabi on Abbot Kinney, Will Leather Goods, Mystic Journey Bookstore, Ananda on Venice, Rachel from Brambila Salon, Familius Publishing, Gavin Scott, Fun Socks, Ashley from The Fringe Salon, and Gorjana Jewelry.

Now that all that needed doing is done, I can really look forward to Saturday. I plan to just enjoy the event and have fun with friends, family and supporters. You're all invited, so if you're in the LA area Saturday, shoot me an email and come join in the celebration!!

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