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Fellow Familius author Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. has an interesting book out to help parents understand more about the reasons behind their children's behavior. It teaches parents steps to read between the lines, and to see the nonverbal cues they are given. Whether it's normal "acting out" or issues like OCD or anxiety disorder, children's behavior can sometimes be frustrating, concerning, and complicated. This book helps parents find meaning in the behavior that confounds them, and learn how to use that meaning to open communication and solve problems.

In some adoption stories, there are periods of adjustment, and sometimes issues that arise from physical problems that developed in the womb. Hollman's book is sure to be a help in such situations. Familius Publishing is all about strengthening the family. Their mission is to help families be happy by creating beautiful books that teach, inspire and bring families together. Check out Hollman's book, as well as other books published by my family-focused publisher. @familiustalk @lauriehollmanph #familymatters #familyfirst #familiusbooks #ToHaveAndNotToHold #adoption

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