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Thanks To All My Contributors

The second book in the adoption series is in! Submitted to the publisher one week ago! Whew! It feels great to have it done and in their hands. Unfortunately, the first word I got back before anyone read a word was that they have it slated for a FALL release next year, and NOT Spring 2018 as I thought. I will get more information, but as it stands right now, it seems we are looking at Fall 2018.

I want to thank those who sent in their incredible adoption stories. Although not all could be included, they were all amazing. I heard from adoptees, adoptive parents and birthparents- all contributing their very personal and courageous journeys. And they did this honest and sometimes raw sharing for the purpose of helping others who are on, or are about to embark on, an adoption path. I couldn't ask for a more generous gift. They went back through their memories and sometimes it wasn't easy. Most described it as a therapeutic experience, and many thanked me for the opportunity that it gave them to revisit some of the most important times in their lives.

I could wax on about all my opinions on adoption, but this book is going to be MUCH more interesting and helpful because it's NOT just my opinion, but the opinions- based on experience- of forty or so people who opened their hearts and minds to helping others. I'm very excited about the far-reaching possibilities of this book, and how many people it might help. And I couldn't have done it without my birthdaughter Kate, her adoptive mom Anne, her sister Mary Ellen, and all the others who participated in this project.

Stay tuned as we ready Book Two for the presses and start development on the third and final installment of this adoption book series.

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