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Looking for Mr./Ms. Good Story

My search is underway, and I've had a lot of help from my television appearances on my book tour! While promoting To Have And Not To Hold, I'm also working hard to collect adoption stories for book Two in the adoption series, tentatively titled 50 Ways To Love Your Child- An Adoption Manual for Adoptees, Adoptive Parents and Birthparents. My publisher, Familius, and I are hoping this book will be a collection of experienced lessons learned, tips, and advice for anyone contemplating or involved in adoption. We want this to be a resource of things people wish they'd known, what would have made their experience better, or what they know they did right. I've been collecting stories from every stop on the tour, and I'm thrilled to include people across the nation.

Please think about people you know who might share their adoption story and their words of wisdom, and ask them to contact me on my Facebook page, or here on my website contact page.

Meanwhile, the tour continues! I will be appearing on Great Day Houston on KHOU-TV (CBS) channel 11 this coming Wednesday, March 1, live at 9am CST. They stream live too, for those of you NOT in Houston! Here's the link:

It will be my first appearance for the book in front of a live studio audience, and I'm excited for the energy!! Hoping to get a few more stories for the book too!

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