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A Forward Thinking (and writing) Man

My years producing the Donahue Show were fantastic. As Senior Producer, I was fortunate to have unparalleled professional and personal experiences. I made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. I was also privileged to work for an amazing, brilliant man with spot-on instincts and a curious, brilliant mind. Even more than that, he was an encouraging, generous boss, and he was there to help me, and play a role, in the difficult events that led to my adoption story, featured in To Have And Not To Hold. Phil Donahue, always a warrior for women's rights, offered options, possibilities and support. And many years later, he's continued to support me by writing the prologue to my book. His always eloquent words mean as much to me today, as his caring concern meant to me over 30 years ago.

Last night a big group of former Donahue staffers got together in New York City. It says something about Phil that people continue to want to be in touch, and make the effort to all convene in Manhattan. He created a family, not just a place to work. I was excited to hand him a signed copy of a story that began when I first started working with him so many years ago. Don't miss Phil's prologue in To Have And Not To Hold.

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