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All Will Be Well - A Healing Connection

Never thought there could be a tie-in between To Have And Not To Hold and the election results. My friend, Kiki Gindler, who is hosting my book launch on November 19 (thank you Kiki), just wrote me the following inspiring words:

I just finished your book. Words cannot express how moved I am. I'm still processing. All I can say is hosting your book brunch is more than just a gesture of friendship now--I'm honored to be able to help share your story. Huge hug to you and Steve.

It's so weird holding your story in my head in the same twenty-four hours as we learned who will be the next president. I feel like the lesson is, no matter how dark the world seems, have faith that there exists an incomprehensible plan none of us can know at that moment of darkness. "All will be well."

Well said, Kiki. I have to say I never made that connection, but that humbles me to think that such a profound message can be found in my book. I absolutely believe that is something that I learned from my story; even though I fought my way through a terrible time, something beautiful and loving came from it. I am proud of that message, and I'm hoping that those struggling with this new President can come to believe that all will indeed be well- that there is a reason, even if we can't see it right now.

Whoever you voted for, or didn't vote for - ours is a democracy and this is how it works. There will be tough times ahead, but we are a great country. While we are divided in our views on how to make things better, we must listen to ALL our people. We can't dismiss large demographics as less than anyone else. We need to listen and stay involved in improving life for everyone. And we need to have faith, like Kiki said. All will be well.

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