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Abnormal preoccupation with body appearance or weight.

  • Abnormal preoccupation with food, nutrition, calories, health, and/or cooking.

  • Frequent trips to the bathroom after meals.

  • Depression and suicidal thoughts.

  • A significant change in appetite.

  • Excessive exercise despite fatigue or weakness.

  • Moodiness and irritability.

  • Reduced concentration, memory, and thinking ability.

  • Loss of interest in hobbies and schoolwork.

  • Anxiety, especially around food and meal times.

  • Feelings of guilt and self-hatred.

  • Constantly making excuses to avoid eating.

  • Compulsive rituals surrounding food and meal times, such as not letting different food touch eat other or eating only one type of food at a time.

  • Wearing excessively baggy or bulky clothes.

  • Hoarding food.

  • Isolation and withdrawal from friends.

  • Complete avoidance of social situations involving food, including family meals.

  • Significant reduction in food intake.

  • Denial of hunger.

  • Strange eating habits such as playing with food instead of eating it.

  • Constant concern about weight.

  • Secretiveness and deceitfulness.

  • Preference to eat in isolation.

  • Reddened fingers, sores in and around mouth, and swollen cheeks or glands (caused by self-inducing vomiting).

  • Obsession with clothing size, scales, and mirrors.

  • Problems with drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, or crime (especially with Bulimia)

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