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Pulling food apart for consumption.

  • Cutting food into extremely small pieces.

  • Eating finger foods with forks (such as french fries or sandwiches).

  • Eating everything with fingers.

  • Inappropriate or excessive use of condiments.

  • Separating or organizing food on plate before eating.

  • Not allowing different food items to touch each other.

  • Eating only one food group at a time.

  • Eating food groups in certain orders.

  • Inappropriate food mixing.

  • Eating extremely quickly or slowly.

  • Not taking eyes off of plate.

  • Refusing to look at plate.

  • Comparing plate to others.

  • Covering or hiding food.

  • Drinking excessive amounts while eating.

  • Refusing to drink while eating.

  • Eating condiments by themselves.

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