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LAUNCH August 2024:
Book Three in the Adoption Series
(Pre-orders available soon!)

 Amazing Adoptees 
Who Changed the World

A Children's book


what people say


"Amazing book . . . I can't put it down."

-Alexa, Amazon reader

"I ate this book up. It is, by far, one of the most compelling eating disorder narratives I've ever read . . . and I've read a lot! An engaging and seamlessly woven mother-daughter account of battling an eating disorder, the page turning narratives effectively inform, warn and inspire others."

-Deb, E.D. Therapist

Great title, great book!! I truly enjoyed reading this story from both the mother and daughter viewpoints. I found myself not wanting to put this book down. Great reading!

-Amazon reader

to have and not to hold

"To Have and Not to Hold" boosts us all high enough to peek over the wall that surrounded the author during the deep and very personal drama. Readers will stare into space and know they have just been treated to a beautiful love story."

-Phil Donahue

"I wept with joy reading Benson's eloquent and raw narrative."

-Mary Beth, Adoptee

I read this book in one sitting and would highly recommend it to anyone and most certainly should be on any adoptive parent's reading list.
Bravo to this brave gifted writer!

-Amazon reader

adopting hope

"This book is a great example of the incredible power of story to plant seeds of empathy and

compassion in all members of the adoption triad. It is now a “must read” for each of our clients."

         - Celeste Liversidge, Adoption Atty. and Founder of Tru-Adopt Law

This collection of

stories speaks to the heart with a beautiful blend of raw emotion, insight, and inspiration. Whether you’re contemplating adopting

a child, placing a child for adoption, or supporting a loved one through the process, this book is sure to serve as a wonderful support.

      - Talitha Phillips, CEO of Claris Health

feathering my empty nest

"Beautifully written, always an adventure!"

"Lorri, I just love your blog.  You speak to my heart. You give a voice to what I know so many of us are going through right now."

"Exposed and honest as a writer"

"Brilliant! We are so brave!"

-Blog readers

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